Piano In The Pines

Music Lessons in The Pinery

Offered by Juls Payne 

One Time Spot Available:  Thursdays 3:45-4:15pm

Call or Text:  720-989-8401  (text works best in the pines 😀)     

Free Introductory Lesson! 

   "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." – Plato 

A Bit About Me and The Studio

Hi there, my name is Juls Payne.  I was born in Alameda, California.  I studied fine art and music at the College of Alameda.  In the early 2000's, I transferred to the University of Colorado, Denver to continue my painting and performance based music education.  I have played piano and harp for countless churches, weddings, parties, memory care and hospice homes.  I have enjoyed teaching piano and harp since 1996.  I have had the honor of watching my students grow into fine young adults and musicians. Whether they pursued a music degree or played for personal enrichment, I have been there by their side encouraging them all the way.  It's always such an incredible joy when a student visits with me after many years and shares their musical journey.  It truly makes my day!

My passion and my goal is to offer fun and engaging traditional music instruction in a friendly and judgement-free environment.  I use industry standard materials, as well as customized materials to meet the individual needs of my students.    Lessons are taught in-person in my studio for all ages and all levels.  

I reside in The Pinery with my husband, my two children, a goldendoodle named Miss California Pumpkin and a big buff cat that truly thinks he is a mountain lion.  Alongside of teaching music, I am an artist.  You can read more about my art expression here:  www.julspayne.com.  In my spare time, I love reading, gardening, hiking and jammin' to music.

General Information

When and What:

Instructions consist of weekly private piano lessons in which repertoire, note reading, technique, practice skills, musical literacy and artistry are taught with an emphasis on fun!


Tuition is calculated at the rate of : (Please contact me for current rates)  $_____(contact for current rates) per month - 4 weeks - 30 minute lessons per week.

No lessons will be held during the last week of a month with 5 weeks, unless there is holiday or school break.  Then, the week of that holiday or school break we will be off and the last week of the month there will be a lesson.  I will always communicate these changes to our schedule the prior month and work with you to complete 4 lessons every month.

Tuition rates may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective only after having given the student and parent 30 days prior written notice.

Tuition does not include the cost of music books.

Tuition includes recital costs at my home.  There may be recital fees should there be a performance hall rental or music festival entry application.  Any recital or festival participation outside the teacher’s home is always optional.  


Monthly payments shall be made in advance by the 7th day of the month or by the first lesson of the month.  Acceptable forms of payment include: Venmo/Cash/Check.  

Schedule of Lessons:  

Lessons are scheduled for a specific day and time.  If the lesson time falls on a holiday, a make-up lesson will be offered.  The last week of a 5 week month will be time-off for teacher and students.  

Cancellation of Lessons by Student:

The student may cancel a lesson by giving a 24 hour prior notice.  In which case, a make-up lesson will be offered.  Make-up lessons are offered at the date and time of the teacher’s discretion.  Make-up lessons must be taken within 2 months of the cancellation.  The teacher does not offer make-up lessons for missed make-up lessons.

No make-up lessons are offered without prior communication from a missed lesson by a student or parent.

Cancellation of Lessons by the Teacher:

From time to time, lessons may need to be canceled by the teacher.  Notice will be given in the form of an email or text within 24 hours.  In the event of an emergency, notification will be given in the form of a phone call.  Lessons will be rescheduled at a time agreeable to both parties.

Late Arrival:

Tuition is calculated according to the time stipulated and no adjustment shall be made for time lost due to late arrival by the student.  In the event that there is a proceeding student cancellation, the late student may continue with the lesson until 30 minutes have been achieved.

Obligation of the Teacher:

The teacher undertakes all preparation prior to lessons and commits to structure lessons to optimize the benefit of the student while creating a fun learning environment.

The teacher commits to offering a minimum of two performance recitals throughout the calendar year.

The teacher shall keep all information of the student confidential.  The teacher will keep open lines of communication with parents at all times.  

Obligation of the Student:

Mastering the piano and developing musical skill and excellence requires commitment.  The student must be committed to daily practice as recommended by the teacher.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure students are well practiced and prepared for their weekly lesson.


Performing publicly is a vital element in mastering the piano.  Performing in recitals provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the advancing skills of the student.  All students are encouraged to perform in all studio recitals.  Students are expected to be well practiced and prepared.  This includes memorization of their performance pieces.  Students that do not demonstrate the ability to perform their recital pieces with proficiency within two weeks of the 

recitals will not be awarded with the opportunity to perform. 

Discontinuation of Lessons:

Should the student wish to discontinue lessons, a 30-day notice is requested.  Discontinuation of lessons mid-month will not be refunded.  The student’s time slot is reserved through the end of the month regardless of attendance. 

The teacher reserves the right to discontinue lessons with the student for habitual lack of attendance and/or serious lack of practice.  Prior communication with the student and parent will occur before any such decision.